River, Rail, or Road, We're Ready to GO!

River Materials Inc. is a transmodal company, meaning we utilize barge, truck, and railroad.

Transportation - River Materials Inc. Pennsylvania


A highly skilled workforce that ensures reliable and thorough material services. We operate on the Monongahela River which is serviced by all major inland marine carriers. Our facility has its own tugboats and fleeting areas that provide prompt placement of barges to be serviced with other major carriers. 


Our truck transportation is serviced by state highways that provide us with nearby access to the Pennsylvania Turnpike highway system. The Truck facility provides two ground-level entrances as well as “flyover” in the event of any train delays. Trucks include Tri-Axles, Dump Trailers and Roll Offs. 

Transportation - River Materials Inc. Pennsylvania
Transportation - River Materials Inc. Pennsylvania


Our rail facility is serviced by CSX Railroad for unit-train and single-car shipments. We are currently developing cargo containers for shipment by rail and barge. 

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